The Los Angeles Rams have been through a lot of movement in the last year and a half for a team that is considered one of the worst in the NFL by means of offensive stats, overall record, and threat that they bring to opposing teams every Sunday. We don’t make national coverage, we don’t get talked about on ESPN with any means of respect, and we especially don’t live up to the expectations of our new city.

Last year we saw a transition to the city of angels, with a conjecture of a new optimistic future. We received the Number 1 overall Draft Pick in Jared Goff, got a new stadium in progress, returned to an old history and era of the Fearsome Foursome and a team that people passionately held high in thoughts and expectations. HOF players returning to the sidelines to bring back a touch of the old times, and help us to remember the team that our fathers and older siblings used to brag about and hold to a certain level of Pride.

Let’s be honest, last year was crap and we even though we had a new beginning, it was only the beginning and we shouldn’t have expected anything but this for our first year back.

However – the moves we have been making in 2017 provides a reassurance to a promising franchise in which we have set the concrete and are beginning to put the appropriate bricks in place to build something special, something that Los Angeles deserves to be proud of! Sean McVay, I have never felt more optimism for such a young opportunist and genuinely smart football mind. The combo of McVay with Phillips brings an underlying hope to this year that we are NOW starting to transition correctly. Jeff Fisher was way overdue to be out of this league. Such an old school approach, nothing about his coaching abilities impressed us over at Rams Podcast last year. McVay is the opposite, young, fresh, proven ability to take a crappy offense and turn it around, build a QB that is putting up top tier stats and will bring the Rams back to the talks of ESPN and the rest of the nation.

We have another tough schedule this year, lots of traveling, but we have put ourselves through the tumblers and popped out with a new hand. A young, smart and hungry hand that is exactly what Rams Nation needs going into this season. We will be here analyzing every aspect of the season and feel, just like you we hope, that our impact this season will be something we will be remembering for years. No, I am not saying a playoff run that would shock the nation, I am saying we are a new organization and this season is going to kick start something really special. 2019 Superbowl anyone? 😉