With 70,000 seats already sold out for the regular season, and close to another 20,000 going to be made available in single game tickets, is the coliseum going to join the ranks of the loudest in the NFL? We’ve already seen LA show up in the pre-season – setting the record for the largest crowd to witness a pre-season game with over 90,000 people.

The NFC West already holding arguably 2 of the top 5 loudest stadiums in the NFL with the likes of Seattle’s “Quest Field” and Arizona’s “University of phoenix stadium. Will the newfound love-fest continue in LA by adding another loud stadium to the division?

In resent year the coliseum has not been known for its loud, record setting decibels like ones of our division rivals. That could have to do with the fact that USC football hasn’t experience the glory days since Reggie bush, Matt Lienart and Pete Carrol all left town.

To be fair, acoustics in the Coliseum are lousy. It is far too open and too exposed to hold on to sound. The seating begins too far from the field, and the rake of the seats is too gradual. There is little to reflect the energy of sound waves back into the stadium. So I guess its up to us as fan to scream our faces off. Challenge accepted!