According the – Jeff Fisher said today that there is a “50/50” Chance that our 1st Round Draft Pick Jared Goff will start on Thursday. “Have to Wait and See” if he does. So I believe we all know pre-season game you is one of those times to not really risk putting your Week 1 starters out there on the field to risk injury. Having said that, we know Keenum will start game one, he has been staying consistent and been looking very confident and poised during the previous 3 games – 75% Completion during those games.

We also have seen that if there is a need to take Goff out, for example if he hurts his butt again, we can always lean on the previous well performer Sean Mannion who I feel confident letting handle the second half.



Goff said he has not been informed of whether or not he’ll be the first signal-caller on the field. But if he is, he’ll be ready for it.

“If that’s the case, then it’d be great,” Goff said. “It’d be something I’m more used to — in kind of getting out there and going in right away, as opposed to trying to warm up again on the sidelines. But whatever it is, I’ll be ready.”