If you find it as frustrating as we do to get an accurate Injury Report, worry no further Rams Podcast has been able to compile all of the updates online into one place for you to get the news you are looking for! Last week – the Rams were without quite a bit of depth on their defensive line vs the Bills. Defensive ends Robert Quinn and William Hayes, as well as defensive tackle Michael Brockers, were sidelined for this game. Below is what we were looking at going in:

Britt, Kenny WR Thigh DNP DNP FP Questionable
Brockers, Michael DT Hip LP DNP DNP Questionable
Cunningham, Benny RB Thigh LP LP Questionable
Davis, Cody DB Groin DNP DNP LP Questionable
Hayes, William DE Ankle DNP DNP DNP Questionable
Quinn, Robert DE Shoulder DNP DNP DNP Questionable

Now – Trumaine Johnson left the game with an Ankle Injury and Coach Fisher is confirming he will be out this Sunday against Detroit, the Rams have claimed former Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Dwayne Gratz off waivers Tuesday – Yikes.

Between half of our Defense and our top receiver being out, and Cunningham who has been providing relief for Gurley and getting key yards before his injury all questionable, we are not going into week six looking as strong as I would hope.