It’s been 22 years since the Rams were last seen holding camp in Irvine. That was also the same year our Number 1 pick was born. Coincidence – defiantly, but still pretty cool to think of the irony in involved. This is the first year of a three-year deal the Rams have with the University of Cal, Irvine.

The rookies checked in today and will get a two-day head start on the rest of the team. First full team practice is set for Saturday, which is an open practice to all fans. Camp will start at 3:30 pm but gates open an hour before that, so make sure to get down there early as the Rams expect a big crowd for opening day

90 players will start camp, but only 53 will get jerseys in early September when the final roster is set. Until then, players will have until August 30th when the team will be forced to drop 15 players as part of the first wave of cuts.

There are many intriguing camp battles until the final roster is set. The Rams have filled their roster with depth and completion at D-line, wide out, the secondary, and now even the RB position with the new incident involving Tre Mason. Should all make for an exciting camp!