Well, it wasn’t the prettiest win on Sunday. But hey, a win’s a win, especially when it comes against a division powerhouse like Seattle.


The fans in LA weren’t the only ones impressed with the big win on Sunday. The NFL released week 3 power rankings and had the Rams moving up 7 spots to number 24. With the loss, the Seahawks dropped 6 spots to number 11.


The front 7 of the Rams showed up big time and held the Seahawks to only 3 points, showing that if the offense can contribute just a little bit that this team has a chance to continue climbing the NFL rankings.


Next up the Rams fly across the country to take on the number 19th ranked Buccaneers, who also dropped 6 spots after taking a beating from the Arizona Cardinals. Can the Rams continue their climb up the NFL rankings or will they hit a road bump next week in Tampa? Tune into James and Bear later this week when they discuss the upcoming match-up.