Ram’s Nation!

We have a few important things coming up – new podcast scheduled to air this weekend, we also have an excited interview coming out early next week that you wont want to miss! Having said that, lets get into the preview of the show and some highlights of how the Rookies are doing (FNG’s) as well as a preview of the highly anticipated Hard Knocks! Trailer here:


Some additional highlights we will be discussing (want to hear your opinion)

How much is the Rams organization going to spend on their rookies this year? According to Spotrac – we are looking at $7,715,952, Yikes.

Jared Goff alone is projected at a four-year deal worth a total of $27.9 Million including a signing bonus of $18,518,308, that should help him get that mansion in the hills we chatted about. They will also have a firth-year option they can exersize on Goff when we get down that road.

Here’s a look at the projected cap charges for the rest of the Rams’ drafted rookies in 2016:

TE Tyler Higbee — $595,215

WR Pharoh Cooper — $588,667

TE Temarrick Hemingway — $489,896

LB Josh Forrest — $483,580

WR Mike Thomas — $479,017

Next topic – the safe but ignorant projection by the folks at Football Outsiders are ready to predict the outcome of the 2016 NFL season, and we are going to be discussing their WAY to early and according to last year (I can go on) list:

  • 1. Arizona Cardinals: 12-4
  • 2. Seattle Seahawks: 11-5
  • 3. Los Angeles Rams: 7-9
  • 4. San Francisco 49ers: 4-12

The only item here I can agree on is the 49ers outcome.


Last but not least HARD KNOCKS! It sounds like it was pretty obvious who they should choose to be on this show after the many factors changing for the Rams Organization this last year.

A quote form the joint press conference (we were there) at the Rams Training facility in Oxnard says it all:

NFL Films coordinating producer Ken Rodgers made it clear that choosing the Rams was easy after their move was announced.

“I’m going to start with an admission,” Rodgers said. “There’s been many years that we’ve spent at NFL Films a lot of time trying to decide which team should be part of ‘Hard Knocks.’ There’s been a lot of discussions in the past with HBO about which teams would be the best fit for their viewership and there’s been a lot of discussions with various NFL clubs about the show and their involvement. That was not the case this year.

Stay tuned for two exciting episodes coming out next week and don’t forget to check out our latest episode discussing the potential of our 2016 NFL Draft picks and outlook on the upcoming season with Jeff Smith of The Rams Wire!