In this episode we were fortunate enough to interview a former NFL Agent: Chuck Price.

Chuck has more than 25 years of experience in sports management, marketing and public relations. He provided us with a lot of in depth knowledge from is experience throughout the industry.

He has worked with the dream team of Southern California sports luminaries and organizations. He has worked with Hall of Famer and Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson, as well as representing USC Legend Matt Leinart so we get his take on what it was like being on the inside during draft day. He has also represented our very own Akeem Ayers.

Chuck was a certified NFL Agent and has worked with the Los Angeles Lakers, National Football League (Air It Out), National Basketball Association (Hoop It Up) and the CaliFlorida Bowl, a California/Florida high school football All-Star game. 

Currently he is working for the Jim Mora Foundation – Count on me family foundation serving as Director of Strategic Partnerships so we find out more on that as well.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback! 

First LA Rams Podcast