Round 4 (Pick 110)—Keyarris Garrett (WR Tulsa):

There isn’t too much receiving depth on the chart for the LA Rams, and knowing that they won’t find a No. 1,2 or 3 choice, we have to think about the 4th round. (pick 110). For this choice they will most likely get someone that would be meaningful and work well alongside Goff well into the season. Keyarris Garret has that potential and ideally for a long time if he can button up his game a bit. He won’t burn you down the field, but he has a great vertical threat and with Jared Goff’s questionable accuracy at times, he would be the guy to get to the ball when we need it. This will also open things up for Gurley and Tavon Austin!


Round 4 (Pick 113)—DeAndre Houston-Carson (S William and Mary)

DeAndre might not be one of the names you’ve been hearing buzzed about in recent weeks, but this guy could end up getting picked up a lot earlier than others may have projected. Hes a great team captain, All American former cornerback. He could also be used possibly to help out with special teams and has the potential to be one of the greatest tacklers available in the entire draft!

Round 6 (Pick 177)—James Bradberry (CB Samford)

This corner has the ability to play at a premium level in the pros. This guy has the experience needed and comes to the table with the professionalism the Rams Need. If they don’t go for Bradberry, id say they pick up either a strong corner or good safety instead/

Round 6 (Pick 190)—Darius Latham (DT Indiana)

Some questionable red flags here when it comes to behavior and character (Suspended, arrested) but he also has something to prove as both a person and a player. Tons of effort has come from this guy and he has a chip on a shoulder and a need to improve his potential and what he can bring to the NFL.


In Conclusion – Even though they Rams have a huge break between picks, they are going for a #1 QB Draft Pick which is going to start them off in LA in the right direction. Go Rams!