Over the next few days we will break down the whole 2016 Rams schedule and predict the wins and losses. In this article we will look at the first for games.


Week 1 At San Francisco- W

Prediction: Rams 24- 49ers 13

This will mark the official first game back as the LA Rams and no better opponent than what seems to be the worst team in our division. Winning on the road, especially in your own division, is never an easy task. Plus throw in the fact it’s on Monday night football to cap off the opening week of the NFL week 1. BUT with all that said, it’s the 49ers and we are just an over all better team. I think we hold them under 2 touchdowns and run the ball all over them. Rams Win



Week 2 Home Vs Seattle- W

Prediction: Rams 28- Seattle 24

Ok I might be drinking the Kool-Aid a bit here but if you look at the past the Rams have beaten the Seahawk 3 of the last 4 times including a clean sweep last year. This is also the home opener for LA so expect The Coliseum to be packed with over 90,000 loud, passionate, and crazed fans. This is something LA has been waiting for 22 years. Gurley runs all over that once scary Seahawks defense and the Rams defense forces Russell to win it behind his arm which I don’t see him doing. Rams Win


Week 3 At Tampa Bay – W

Prediction: Rams 20- Bucs 17

This was by far the toughest one for me to pick. I see this as a trap game coming off 2 straight division games. We fly all the way across the country to play another young team lead by 2nd year QB Jameis Winston. The Bucs in my eyes are a team that will win 3 games or 10. I just really have no clue who they will be but the Rams have struggled in the past with teams “they should beat”. I think this will be a close game but the finally start to learn how to close out the close game. Rams Win.


Week 4 At Arizona- L

Prediction: Rams 17- Cardinals 27

The 3rd division game in 4 games to start the season and coming off a long road trip I think this is when the tank runs a bit empty. The Cardinals are very good at home and have both a strong defense and high scoring offensive. I think it will be tough for the Rams to keep pace. This will be their first lost of the season.


So with my early predictions, the rams start the season 3-1 but to be honest with these tough games to start the season I’d be happy if we walked away 2-2.


Stay tuned for the next article which will break down games 5-8.