Rams are finally done adjusting their practice squad – for now. As it stands the following players make up the 10-man practice team:

T Isaiah Battle

LB Brandon Chubb

DB Blake Countess

DB Isaiah Johnson

DB Michael Jordan

DE Morgan Fox

RB Aaron Green

RB Terrence Magee

WR Paul McRoberts

TE Bryce Williams

As you can see, looks like the Rams have put a focus on skill positions and secondary depth. Make sense coming off last year’s lack of offensive production and with a few guys from our secondary moving to other teams in the off-season. Its two areas were it would be nice to have some depth and insurance.


Here are 3 guys I wouldn’t be surprised to make the 53 man roster at some point this year:


Paul McRoberts, with the offensive struggles the Rams have had and how often wide outs get banged up, don’t be shocked to see McRoberts make an appearance for at least a few games this year.


Aaron Green, This dude is straight up a beast. We have tons of depth right now in the RB category and hope we won’t need anyone other than Todd Gurley but if something happens to him or Benny Cunningham, Green will for sure be ready to go and keep production in the running game moving forward.


Michael Jordan, besides the best name ever- Jordan is a hell of a ball player. He had a great camp and transitioned that into making plays during the games. If any of our secondary get hurt or under performs, don’t be shocked to see MJ make an appearance on the 53-man roster


-Bear Mader