Case Keenum has sure looked comfortable at times not only in the pocket but also off the football field where he has been criticized both media and fans as everyone has been waiting for Jeff Fisher to turn to the number 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff.


Well, barring an injury Goff better get comfy on the sideline because Keenum has improved each game this season. Sunday throwing – 18/30 for 266 yards, 2 TD’s and most importantly 0 interceptions, while boasting a 111.3 passer rating. Improving his record as the Rams starter to 6-2, and really one field goal block from being 7-1.


So, what’s all the complaining about? Yes, he isn’t a top tier QB and he is more about managing a game then taking it over. But last time I checked this league is about wins and so far he is producing those. He does have one of the best defense’s in the league, so that helps but he has taken care of the football and moved the offense enough so that when they do have to punt he allows one of the best punters in the league to pin the opponents back deep in their own territory.


Don’t forget to tune in this week as James and Bear breakdown the game and take a look ahead to this weeks match up VS the Bills on their next episode.


-Bear Mader