Well no surprise here – the Los Angeles Rams first round #1 Draft Pick was the Cal start Jared Goff. If there hasn’t yet been enough talk about this guy in the past couple weeks, here is the summary of what you need to know about what Goff can bring to the Rams who faced ill looking stats in overall offense last year. Todd Gurley helped the team get some respect in the overall average Rushing Stats (7th in NFL) doing so missing 3 games early in the season. Lets not put all the weight on this guys shoulders, even though he can handle it.

What really impressed me about Goff is his pocket presence, he has the ability to move around in the pocket which with a shakey O line will be a major advantage. I was listening to Gruden comparing his footwork to the NFL legendary Joe Montana as well as future legend and fellow Cal superstar Aaron Rodgers. Lets hope that is the case, I know Jeff Fisher plans on starting him pretty much immediately and we will get a teaser on how he is fitting in with the team, becoming a leader and adjusting to the NFL early on during HBO’s Hard Knocks this year. Which I am SO excited for, and we will be doing a weekly Re-Cap in our Rams Podcast so look forward to that. Jared Goff has also recently added some additional weight that eases a few concerns on his durability. Adjusting to the hefty playbook in the NFL might be a little more tough as he comes from a wide-open system and we know that our Ram’s Defense can hold their own and we got the Man Todd Gurley to lead the team while Goff adjusts and comes on at his pace.

We are doing a Live Show on Saturday 4/30/2016 from Manhattan Beach covering our 2 picks in the 4th round of the NFL Draft. Tune in!