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It was Christmas Eve 1994, the last time a team known as the Los Angeles Rams played a home game. That was 7939 days prior to this Sunday, when the Rams will make their return to the Los Angeles area after 21 seasons in St. Louis. This will be the Rams’ second stint in LA, and their fourth stop overall, and they won exactly one title in each previous stop.

Rams Franchise – All-Time Chronology

Cleveland, 1937-1945 Won NFL Champ., 1945

Los Angeles, 1946-1994 Won NFL Champ., 1951

St. Louis, 1995-2015 Won SB 34 (1999 season)

Los Angeles, 2016

In that game won Christmas Eve, 1994, with the Redskins defeating the Rams, 24-21. The starting QBs were Heath Shuler for Washington and Chris Miller for the Rams. The final – and winning – touchdown was scored by Washington’s James Jenkins in the third quarter.

Of the four NFL franchise moves that have occurred since 1990, three of them have involved Los Angeles.

NFL Franchise Moves, 1990-2016

Raiders, LA to Oakland (following 1994 season)

Rams, LA to St. Louis (following 1994 season)

Titans, Houston to Tennessee (following 1996 season)

Rams, St. Louis to LA (following 2015 season)

Note that the Ravens did not officially “move” from Cleveland to Baltimore; technically, the 1996 Ravens were an expansion team.

Perhaps the move west will revitalize a Rams franchise that has not seen the postseason in over a decade.

Active Droughts – Most Consecutive Non-Playoff Seasons

(entering 2016 season)

Bills 16

Browns 13

Raiders 13

Rams 11

Conversely, the Seattle Seahawks are on the short list of teams that have made playoff appearances in each of the last four seasons.

Active Streaks – Most Consecutive Playoff Seasons

(entering 2016 season)

Packers 7

Patriots 7

Bengals 5

Broncos 5

Seahawks 4

And, since 2012, the Seahawks have some of the best numbers in the NFL.

Seahawks’ Numbers, 2012-2016, With NFL Ranks

(numbers are reg season only unless indicated)

Wins   47 3rd

Playoff Wins     7 1st

Opp Points/Gm 15.6 1st

Opp Total Yds/Gm 283.6 1st
Takeaways   117 4

For everything the team has done in the last four-plus seasons, the Seahawks are only even money against their newly-transplanted division rivals.

Seahawks’ Record Breakdown, 2012-2016 Regular Seasons

Vs. Rams: 4-4

Vs. Others: 43-14 (.754)

Seattle is an aggregate 11-5 against the 49ers and Cardinals – their other division rivals – since ’12.

And in the two matchups as season ago, the Rams managed quite a few points against the Seahawks.

Seahawks – Points Allowed per Game, 2015 Regular Season

Vs. Rams: 28.5 (57 in 2 games)

Vs. All Others: 15.7

The Seahawks and Rams have been division rivals since 2002, and last year’s total of 57 points was the most ever by the Rams in a season versus Seattle.

Yes, Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” secondary has its share of star power. But it’s worth noting that Seattle has been dominant in the running game since 2012, outgaining its opponents by about 60 yards per game.

Seahawks’ Rushing Yards/Gm, Own & Opponent, 2012-2016

Rush Yards/Gm 152.4 1st

Opp Rush Yds/Gm   91.5 2nd (Den 90.1)


Diff +60.9 1st

The second-best differential in rushing yards per game in that span is plus-32.0 (Carolina).

And beware if the Seahawks get off to a good start in 2016. This team typically does its best work in the latter half of the season, when the defense really gets tough.

Seahawks’ Breakdown, 2014-2016 Regular Season

Sept-Oct Nov-Jan

W-L   8-7 15-3

Points/Gm   22.5 27.3

Opp Pts/Gm   19.2   14.1

Turnover Diff     -1   +16

Since 2012, Seattle has been on both ends of quite a few fourth-quarter comebacks, including last week’s victory over Miami.

Most Wins After Trailing Most Losses After Leading

in 4th Qtr, 2012-2016 in 4th Qtr, 2012-2016

(reg & post) (reg & post)

Seahawks 14 Buccaneers 16

5 teams with 13 Seahawks 15

Chargers 15

Lions 15

The lists above includes all games in which a team erased a deficit and won after trailing at any point in the fourth quarter (not necessarily at the start of the fourth period).

The only TD allowed by Seattle last week came in the fourth quarter; going back to last season, the Seahawks haven’t been that stingy on defense in the fourth quarter (and OT).

Todd Gurley’s rushing yards improve each quarter (NFL Career Excluding TDs):

  • 1st Qr: 2.4 Yds/ Rush | 160 Rush Yards
  • 2nd Qtr: 4.7 Yds/Rush | 260
  • 3rd Qtr: 5.5 Yds/ Rush | 336 Rush Yards
  • 4th Qtr: 6.6 Yds/Rush | 403 Rush Yards

Gurley’s 1,453 Rushing Yards in his first 14 career games ranks 5th among Active Players

C. Keenum – Out of 51 active players who have attempted at least 400 Passing Yards in their career – Case Keenum’s numbers rank near the bottom:


C.Keenum – Career Passing Numbers

(with ranks among 51 active players w/400+ pass att)

Comp Pct 56.1 46th

Yards/Att 6.43 45th

TD Pct 3.1 46th

Rating 76.5 40th

Kenny Britt: the Rams have a real big-play threat.

Active Players – Highest Career Yards/Rec Average

(minimum 200 receptions)

DeSean Jackson 17.7

Torrey Smith 17.2

Vincent Jackson 16.9

Kenny Britt 16.1

Michael Floyd 15.8

Is Richard Sherman still the imposing cover corner has was earlier in his career? According to the numbers, not so much.

R.Sherman – Career Breakdown When Targeted

(regular season only)

2011-2014 2015-2016

Games   64   17

Opp Comp Pct 46.2 46.5

TD Passes Allowed     8     4

Opp Rating 41.5 84.5

Most Sacks by Interior Linemen, 2014-2016

Aaron Donald 20.0

Gerald McCoy 18.0

Ndamukong Suh 15.5

Geno Atkins 15.0

Fletcher Cox 14.5

Kawann Short 14.5

NFL Teams – Youngest Week 1 Starting Lineups

(average age of starters, in years-days)

Browns 26-62

Jaguars 26-133

Rams 26-140

Bears 26-212

Chiefs 26-236

LA is young on both sides of the ball – fifth-youngest offensive starters (26-79) and fifth-youngest defensive starters (26-202), all based on last week’s lineups.

For the better part of a decade, the Rams’ offensive numbers have been wretched.

Rams’ Offensive Numbers, 2007-2016, With NFL Ranks

Points/Game 16.6 last

Total Yds/Gm 298.8 last

Pass Yds/Gm 193.1 31st (SF 192.2)

TD Passes   144 last

Passer Rating 74.0 31st (Cle 72.4)

They’ve gone through quite a few quarterbacks since ’07.

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