Move over Kim, Khole, and the rest of you Reality stars, The Los Angeles Rams are making their dent into the world of ‘Reality TV’. No, I’m not talking about HBO Hard Knocks, E! Entertainment has announced the green light of Hollywood & Football, I know they must of thought long and hard on that name.

The show will feature Kenny Britt, Roger Saffold, Lance Kendricks, Chase Reynolds, Bradley Hernandez, and Corey Harkey.  The show is set to feature more of a personal touch of family, friendship and of course the drama/gossip that comes along with LA celebrity living, as they adjust to the new city.

So if your looking for pure football you better buck up and get the HBO package cause this ain’t it, but if your girlfriend needs another show to watch on E! and your looking for more football in your life then this is your perfect Hollywood Ending.