For months now Rams Nation has debated who will be the starting QB come opening night Monday, Sept 12 when the Rams take on division rivals the 49ers on Monday Night Football.

It was obvious right away it wasn’t Nick Foles who released and then signed with the chiefs. Was it going to be the Rookie Jared Goff? Fans had sure hoped so, but his – so far underwhelming performance has left the door wide open for 5th-year man out of Houston, Case Keenum.

Case has received the majority of reps with the first team both in practice and the pre-season. Taking full advantage of those opportunities. So far in the preseason he has gone 10-12 with 1 TD but what has stuck out most, are not his numbers. It’s the way he has controlled the offense. Looking extremely comfortable in the starting role and confident in his game while controlling the offense.

“Case is still clearly ahead,” Fisher said, via the Los Angeles Daily News. “Jared’s getting better…. Every day, there’s something he does better and different.”

Though it is clear Jared Goff is the future, looks like the future will start his NFL life on the sidelines holding a clipboard. It’s only a matter of time before Jeff Fisher and the Rams make it official who their starter will be but it shouldn’t be a surprise when it’s announced – Case Keenum. Jared Goff best stay ready though because in this league things change fast and he better be ready when it does.


-Bear Mader