Whelp, A few weeks ago Carson Wetnz was on the bottom of the QB depth chart just like Jared Goff. He had only played in 1 preseason game, got banged up and cracked some ribs. All was well in the mental state of Rams Nation and the decision of our number 1 pick.


Then Teddy (or Tony if you’re a listener of the show) Bridgewater goes down for the season – Eagles trade Sam Bradford to Minnesota – Then they Name Carson Wentz the starter (From 3rd string to starter) – Wentz goes out week 1 and plays like he has been in the league for years and puts a 29-10 lashing on the Cleveland Browns.


Wentz went 22-37 for 278 Yds and 2 TD. DAMN! Most impressive part of all that is how comfortable he looked running their offense. “All I know is he’s a great football player and he’s a great competitor,” Eagles wideout Nelson Agholor told the team’s official website. “That’s what it comes down to with being poised like that. He understands what the game is going to be. He’s going to take some hits and make some great plays and he’s ready for that moment.”


So I can’t wait to see the debut of our number 1 overall pick tonight in street clothes. Jeff Fisher said they aren’t rushing him and he is coming along nicely. At this point, we all just have to take his word for it and wait patiently as the number 2 pick throws the ball around with ease.


With that said I have tons of confidence in Case Keenum to give the Rams a solid chance to win each week. It was just hard to see the guy we passed on look so good, while our guy isn’t even in pads.


-Bear Mader