Jared Goff sure has experienced the highs and lows of NFL football in his short 5-month career. From months of pre-draft hype, followed by becoming the number 1 selection in the draft to……3rd string??


Yup, it sure looks that way. When asked if Goff would be ready to step in if anything happened to Case Keenum, Fisher said: “I think it going to take a little more time. That doesn’t mean to say he can’t be a [Backup]. If we were starting right now, I would probably have Sean [Mannion] as a backup.” I have to give my Co-Host James Kroeger credit for calling this a few weeks ago. 


Well Jeff, we ARE starting right now. So I take that as a pretty clear message that Goff will start the season as third string QB. Which I find pretty sad for a few reasons:


  • We traded two 1st round picks (this year and next), two 2nd round picks, and two 3rd round picks for Jared Goff who is now 3rd string
  • Our back up QB Sean Mannion has taken 7 total NFL snaps in his Career.
  • Case, our starter, has a 38.2 QBR as a starter since coming into the league in 2012


All this to complement our offensive who came in dead last or close to in all offensive categories minus rushing thanks to Todd Gurley. Yikes, Todd better stay healthy and the Rams Defense better not give up more than 20 pts or this could be another long season.


With that said. Case has looked the best he has his whole career. Showing poise and confidence while running this team during camp and the preseason. So far this inevitable move hasn’t shaken Jared’s confidence: “I’ve come a long way,” Goff told reporters. “I feel good with where I’m at”.  Don’t expect Goff to stay all season at 3rd string; he is the QB of the future (for now) in LA so he will get his chance. Let just hope he is ready when that opportunity comes.

-Bear Mader